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Work SMART Club

Would you like to have resources at your fingertips to shift out the stress reaction? Or to shift your perspective? To learn to manage conflict? This program is designed to increase the effectiveness of your teams.

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The Work SMART Club

Free audio on mindfulness, relaxation and other strategies to unhook from chronic stress.

This 126 page guidebook is used for the program. Excellent reference.

Work SMART Program Outline

We can create a folder on the app - just for you and your organization - with resources to help your team achieve your goals!

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This program focused  on 3 areas: Resilience, Conflict Competence, Productivity. It can be delivered  to suit you. Develop your teams! Get more done!

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Why the goldfish?

Average attention span is 8 seconds. The goldfish has a span of 9 seconds! We are losing the war on attention.

Attention is your most important asset. We help you master your attention to get more done and live happy!