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Performance Improvement

Are you working on the right problem?

Everyday process improvement ...

Very often when the pressure hits, teams fall apart. There are different reasons for this. One reason is the lack of clarity around their mission and poor communication within the team. 

We have an truly innovative approach based on agile that focuses on improving the important benchmarks and metrics while building behaviors consistent with high performance.There is an expectation of success in our Labs as the creative forces in your staff come to life.

The Innovation Lab uses the A3, problem statement and communication tool from lean sigma to communicate and build ownership among the team as they focus on the right problem. We use the incremental progress built into Kaizen to bypass the resistance that comes from imposing change on staff.

We transform accountability into ownership and unleash the problem solving ability so natural to healthcare professionals.

Using ACTion plans that include assessment, coaching and training, we help you solve problems while increasing these skills in your team. Since each team is unique, our programs are individualized to serve your needs. You will end up with better results and teams that move your agenda forward.

Are you functioning on life support, lagging or focused and fearless?

​The very afternoon after the Innovation Lab, I clarified our focus and resolved conflict that had been brewing between 2 of my key people. This lab is a great experience to learn how to solve problems and stay focused.

Michael C.,