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The future is here now and organizations have to be agile and ready to adapt to demands in the market. Leading people in the digital age requires a mindset shift. We bridge this gap with a proven process – we call it the R.E.A.L. difference.

E-Learning Platform

Interactive online e-learning for managers and leaders. Bite sized learning, strengthening leaders effectiveness. Customized to your specific needs. Learn more.


Focus, build relationships, stimulate creativity, unleash the positive energy in the executive team. We facilitate, identify benchmarks, evaluate ROI and move your team ahead. Learn more.

1:1 Coaching
Coaching is the single greatest accelerator of change. Research shows ROI on coaching leaders is 7x your investment. Let’s talk.

Lean Sigma Consultation

Lean Sigma is a scientific process to boost performance, eliminate waste, increase value. In the Innovation Labs, we transform your teams’ problem solving.

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Is Your Boss a Bully?

Is Your Boss a Bully?

If you’ve ever been in a situation where your boss, supervisor or manager was bullying you, you are not alone.Statistics show that nearly one fifth of employees in the United Stated are a target of workplace bullying, and about 19% of employees witness...

5 Ways to Handle the Bully Boss

5 Ways to Handle the Bully Boss

Do you ever wonder how your boss got into their position? Unfortunately, there are many managers and bosses who definitely should not have their current position in the workplace hierarchy. Some bully bosses have managed to climb their way up the ladder, without being...

Work with Us. The R.E.A.L. Difference:

RESILIENT (increased capacity)

With the ability to focus, leaders are ready, willing and capable of following through on what is most important. Developing skills in resilience increases capacity and emotional effectiveness.


Engaged leaders energize their teams. They stand out because they step up. We teach your leaders to coach their teams and increase their effectiveness.


Agile leaders adapt, leading in challenging circumstances. We use agile, lean sigma approach to unlock potential in your leadership team helping them show up, ready to handle challenges.

This results in a Strong LEADERSHIP BRAND for your company

Strategy has to be executed and we ensure the leadership team can deliver. We help you build a leadership pipeline and establish a strong leadership brand.

As a new manager, I was worried most of the time and felt really overwhelmed. I went from knowing exactly what to do, to being confused about my role. The Lead Smart Program helped me learn how to coach my staff and assume a manager’s role. I loved being able to access these short video’s when I needed them!

Kim W. Manager, Outpatient Surgery

I never realized how much everyday hassles drained my energy. I love the Daily Practice and the Resilience Toolkit!

Silvia K. Department Lead

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