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Dr. Cynthia Howard

Are you and your team experiencing

Change Fatigue?

Decision Fatigue?

How do you create capacity in an "always on" world?

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We need to talk about the “elephant in the room." 

The longer the issue is ignored the bigger and heavier it gets. And this costs you time, money and energy you cannot get back.

Technology has changed how we work, live and communicate. Leading in an ‘always on’ world makes it tough to know how to flex and adapt your leadership approach. 

This is one of the "elephants," ignoring the pressure and energy drain on performance. Your elephant might be the turnover in your department, conversations you need to have, but don’t, to avoid conflict. People or issues you need to face, but somehow keep avoiding. Decision fatigue. Mediocre team performance. Work life balance that is nonexistent. Time demand challenges. Capacity. The Imposter Syndrome that short circuits your success. Lack of focus or clarity. Burnout.

We specialize in elephants!

At the end of the day, it’s not more technical skills that allows you to manage change ... 

It’s your ability to react to what is happening, to have the difficult conversations, and to stop walking past the elephant in the room.

We Offer:

Executive Coaching

Restore your leaders.  Build a leadership pipeline.

Team Coaching

Develop high performing skills; collaboration, conflict competency, problem solving.

Leadership Development

Coach and build resilience, emotional agility, decision making.

We all must get more done with fewer resources in a shorter amount of time. The REAL opportunity lies in how you manage yourself and the collective time with your teams – are people working together (or not).

Are people collaborating or are they compromising the outcomes? Are they engaged or going through the motions? Are they showing up and contributing or just showing up?

How do you engage, influence, persuade the distracted, stressed and resistant team?

Elephants don’t magically go away.

And they are easier to handle than you might think.

That’s our job.

We offer solutions that transform engagement, retention and satisfaction:

Meeting makeover

Conflict Competency

Communication strategies

Work flow design

Leadership agility

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It is time for leaders to be R.E.A.L.

Resilient. Emotionally Agile. Leaders.