Innovative Change Leadership

76% report Leadership Gap
71% leaders are not ready

It is time for change management to change. We have a system for successful change leadership.

70% Change Efforts FAIL.

Work with us and change your outcomes. Successful change leadership requires a shift in mindset, the ability to manage pressure, adapt, make great decisions.

You can’t solve tomorrow’s challenge with today’s thinking.

We understand what motivates and drives people and will help your leadership engage their teams by focusing on these critical areas:


Performance Gap

70% of performance variation is due to managers. Expand your capacity to lead and manage. Develop your leaders, ground up.

Learn How to Learn

Smart, successful people miss the opportunity to learn. Problem solving, jumping to solutions short circuits the learning that builds excellence.

Leader Effectiveness

Change does not happen without the ability to shift mindset. We help you identify the mental models that drive change. This is our super power.

Resilient Mindset

Let’s face it, change is stressful. And with the tsunami of distractions typical today, it is important to continue to operate at your best.

Problem Solving

We integrate agile lean sigma with change leadership as the structure and context for professional/ personal development.

Conflict Readiness

Maintaining effective communication and clear expectations is critical to success. We help leaders transform conflict into opportunity.

Innovative Approach.  Solving Problems.

We help you go beyond the barriers to your desired outcomes. Let’s talk about the elephant in the room.

How we are different (and better)

With 20+ years experience, Dr. Cynthia Howard developed a leadership effectiveness model that blends technical skills of managing change with emotional effectiveness.  This approach prepares leaders for the challenges ahead as well as potential derailers that show up during stressful times. We integrate agile lean sigma into our performance framework.

This is what our clients experience:

  • Mindset Shift – 90%
  • Leadership Effectiveness – 99%
  • Sustain change – 95%


“It was amazing to discover my leadership style and increase my awareness of emotional intelligence. It made a big difference in my work with other leaders.”

Sabine Brandt, L. Dip., CSM, Green Belt Sigma

Agile Consultant, Nobility Coaching

“I stepped into a firestorm with my new role. Coaching helped me step back and create a strategy that would carry my department, and me, forward.”

Cheryl B., VP

Healthcare Management,

“Dr. Howard was an amazing speaker. She turned around the most negative member of the faculty!”

Robin Harper, RN, MSN, (DNP student)

Faculty, Leadership Researcher

“Working with Cynthia helped me identify my strengths and recognize how to manage toxic people. The Resilient Leader program was a tremendous value to my career”

Collette F.D., Director of Simulation


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