We develop flexible, resilient leaders who are more effective influencing their teams.

The future is here now and organizations have to be agile and ready to adapt to demands in the market and the challenges of leading people. We bridge this gap with a proven process.

Strengths. Emotional Intelligence. Resilience. We use a variety of tools to prepare your organization.

Executive coaching. Retreats. Strengths based coaching is the single greatest accelerator of change.

Interactive online e-learning to support the coaching experiences.

We transform leaders’ strengths and bias into effective leadership

We equip your leaders with the mindset & the tools to be more effective in their role.

Transform your impact. 

Change is happening fast and furious and leaders need to solve problems, inspire their people and have an impact in real time.  Meet Dr. Cynthia Howard with a message about the elephant in the room –  readiness for change. We transform leaders strengths AND bias into effective leaders who generate consistent results.


With the ability to focus, leaders are more ready, willing and capable of following through on what is most important. Developing skills in resilience increases capacity and emotional effectiveness.


Engagement begins with leadership. With focus, leaders can engage with their team, communicating with clarity. Frustration, wasted time and mediocre results from mixed messages can be avoided.


Authentic leaders have greater influence, build trust and have a more consistent impact. Research shows that resilience, optimism, self awareness and courage are the foundation of authentic leadership. We specialize in these areas and provide this foundation through coaching, retreats & training.


Your organization depends on your leadership team to convey a consistent brand. We help you build a leadership pipeline and establish a strong leadership brand.

Committed to Engaged. Innovative Leadership.

Ei Leadership is a performance development company focused on engaging leaders in change.

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