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Are you a CHANGE Leader?

We’ve heard it all, from being stalled to getting mediocre results, to abandoning the project altogether. The fact is, most change initiatives fail!  And it isn't because leaders do not work hard at change. Quite the opposite, many end up working over time, only to give up out of frustration. 

Our secret? We have a system that leaders can use, over and over, to produce their desired results. Successful change requires preparation, within you, the leader, and in your department.

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3 Steps to Change Readiness

Leader Readiness Ei Assessment

The EQi 2.0 is the most scientifically validated and  widely used measurement of emotional intelligence. Using this tool increases your self awareness of strengths and what is likely to derail you.

Change Readiness Training

The Resilient Leader Program is available through live events, 1:1 coaching and an online library of resources. This experiential training and mentoring program offers amazing benefits.

Organizational Change

If you would like to have an evaluation of your department's workflow to evaluate barriers to consistent performance, please schedule a complimentary consultation.

What our clients have to say

Shane Melaugh

“The Resilient Leader Program gave me the system I needed to deal with the change process. It was so helpful to have taken the emotional intelligence assessment and then learn how to use these skills when I needed them most. ”

Cecille J, MHA
Director, Outpt Services

I was amazed at how much insight I gained from the Ei assessment. That very afternoon I was able to work with a group of people that, before had been difficult. Understanding myself helped me understand others.

Sabine B.,DIP LC, CSM
Green Belt Lean Sigma, Productivity Coach

John Doe UI/UX Designer
Shane Melaugh

I was ready to throw in the towel. After this training, I understand how to prepare my team for the job that needs to be done. I will save time and energy by using this system.

Mark D., MS
Project Manager

Do not wait! A.C.T. Now.

We’ve used this 3 step process with scores of leaders and have seen them consistently achieve their desired outcomes!