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What is your leadership style?

Competing networks in your brain get in the way of powerful leadership until...

The 2 competing networks in the brain - task achievement and relationships - work against each other. When one is engaged, the other shuts down.

Leaders need to do both - solve problems and build relationships. This assessment and feedback session is the beginning of a powerful program helping you develop the skills you need to make the switch when you need it.

This isn't something you can easily learn on your own. With our training, you will increase self awareness, empathy, active listening and BE BETTER at problem solving, strategy and influence!

Leadership Strengths & Style

Innovator: Out of the box thinker

Coach: Mentors staff

Influencer: Commands confidence and trust

Organizer: Tactical, makes connections

Visionary: Purposeful, compelling

Our process helps you identify your strengths, increasing your credibility, confidence and authenticity.

Develop what you are naturally good at and keep focused on your strengths.

Focusing on weakness prevents failure.
Focusing on strengths leads to success.

Find out what your natural strengths are and we help you develop the areas you need for greater influence.

Order your assessment & feedback session

Order the assessment and you will receive:

  • Email with link to take the assessment, 25 page report
  • Workbook with detailed information, reflection and exercises to develop strengths
  • Success journal
  • Feed back session with Dr. Howard, Executive Coach


Taking the EQi helped me understand my strengths and offered insight into why I do what I do. I am more purposeful now as a I interact with my team. I have greater cooperation from them and it doesn't take as much energy!

JoAnna Joyce MSN, RN
Director, Ambulatory Care