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The Care Method

Stress and burnout have staggering costs to the individual and organization. Research demonstrates patient outcomes suffer when staff are experiencing chronic stress. Organizations experience turnover of staff, disruption to culture, productivity breakdown, increased risk for error and other quality issues.

The individual often loses out on a lucrative career, can experience health risks and loses confidence in their ability to perform. Stress, unchecked, leads to burnout which short circuits a life long dream not to mention the health risks associated with chronic stress.

There is a way around this!! The C.A.R.E Method will teach you and your staff proven strategies you can use in the moment to change your reaction to stress. These tools create LASTING change and also change the dynamic in the moment for better communication.

Go Beyond Burnout

its time to flourish!

We live in the age of distraction with interruptions coming fast and furious. This decreases productivity and satisfaction and increases the stress response as people try to speed up to catch up.

The C.A.R.E method takes you through a four step process to help you manage your reactions and still communicate effectively with others.

You will learn proven tools including 3 different types of mindfulness exercises to direct your attention and avoid the hijacking that happens in the stress reaction.

Stop letting stress steal opportunity, productivity and your work life satisfaction!

This is a 5 star training. I learned how I get so distracted and an easy way to get back on track!

Jenn M. RN, BSN, ER

Resilience is your ability to bounce forward and handle challenges without compromising performance.

Resilience is an ordinary skill that will produce extraordinary results in your life and career. We teach you how to activate this!

In this training you will learn strategies to unhook from the primitive survival instincts in the stress reaction.

Dr. Cynthia Howard is an expert in resilience, Executive Coach, Fellow in AIS (American Institute in Stress) and has worked with thousands of people helping them go beyond burnout and have a prosperous and productive career.

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