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Unleash your leaders’ power to confidently manage change

Today’s business world is changing faster than ever, with technology constantly redefining the way teams work and communicate. In this environment, resilience is key. Rather than sink under the weight of dizzying transitions and changes, resilient leaders rise to the challenge and evolve, taking their teams with them.

But resilience isn’t a skill most of us are born with: it’s something that has to be learned.

That’s why I created a coaching program for change managers. Leadership agility is the needed skill set today.

Resilient Leader Program

Why Does Resilience Matter? 

  • The skills needed to lead change ARE DIFFERENT from the skills required to run a department.
  • Communication and the flow of information is critical to success and leaders need to be flexible, adaptable and RESILIENT. What happens too often is the frequent distractions and interruptions bring out the worst in people.
  • The nature of pressure is to pop! Resilience is a superpower for leaders who know that pressure does impact performance and by engaging resilience, they learn to show up at their best – despite the demands.

Resilience begins with a state of mind, which can be learned...
and that is GREAT news because ... 

STATE OF MIND contributes over 50% to leadership success.

This is far more than ability, expertise and even a reward system – yet most leaders spend less than 5% of their training on state of mind. That means most leaders are ill-equipped to deal with the rigorous demands of conflict and change.

If you can learn this skill—resilience—you’ll gain what the vast majority of today’s managers lack: the ability to lead powerfully through change from a place of confidence.

This was the best decision I have ever made...

Going through restructuring is challenging. I knew I was being squeezed and I did not want to get crushed. Dr. Howard is a wonderful executive Coach. This was the best decision I have ever made.

Robin K.  //  VP. Pt. Care Services

Coaching is the fastest way to become resilient and effective!

In our coaching program your leadership team will
transform their influence, impact and effectiveness.

Transform Your Leadership with the
Resilient Leader Coaching Program:   

Overview: How it works

In the Resilient Leader Program, we’ll work together to unleash your team's potential…


We use the world’s leading assessments in the areas of emotional intelligence & resilience. This information will help you build a leadership superpower profile. This is your authentic style of leadership for a bold impact. 

1:1 & Group Coaching

Professional coaching is a partnership based on your goals. You learn about you, develop hidden talents and unleash your potential.  We will also work with the entire team using the Innovation Lab format.

Online Training 

To support your coaching and to help integrate the insights from your assessments, your have access to a library of information with short on-the-go training, guides, templates and video.

Show up at your best. Deal with uncertainty. Flex and adapt.
Coaching WORKS so you do not have to keep spinning ... 

The program includes:

The resilient Leader Program is designed as a 6 month program and can be customized to suit your needs.

  • 1:1 Coaching sessions with executive coach, Dr. Cynthia Howard.  
  • Online platform with training & resources for greater impact and value to your coaching.   
  • Resilient Leader Toolkit, including workbook, Ei Card deck and more.
  • World's leading assessments on emotional intelligence and resilience.
  • Monthly group coaching to handle conflict, problem solving, specific needs of your team. 
  • Retreat, 4-8 hours, Innovation Lab, to learn problem solving approach

We customize this program to meet your needs. Let's talk about how to transform your leadership impact! 

Meet Your Executive Coach

Cynthia Howard RN, CNC, PhD

As a “Coach’s Coach” who’s spent more than 20 years managing and directing large businesses, I’ve studied, guided, and supervised career and organizational changes.

Business executives pay thousands of dollars for the guidance and support that PHD’s and MSW’s provide, and those PHD’s and MSW’s come to me for advice.

Now, through the Resilient Leader Program, I’m making my expertise available to you.

Green Belt Lean Sigma. Certified Scrum Master. Fellow AIS (American Institute of Stress).

The online membership site includes:

Through the online platform, your leaders will have access to a coaching portal, plus seven+ different modules. Together with the coaching sessions, these modules offer additional training and resources to develop leadership agility and resilience. 

Coaching Portal:

In this personalized section, you can communicate with Dr. H. between sessions. You will receive your coaching recording and other helpful resources. You have policy information, contact numbers, links to take assessments and Dr. H’s scheduling link. We also have helpful tips to get the most from your coaching.

Set a goal for your future: 

First, we’ll get clear on what you want, discovering what motivates you and how you react to change and pressure. You’ll learn the best way to set goals, and you’ll define your desired outcome for the program.

Dig deep to discover your limitations and hidden strengths:

The first step toward resilience is self-awareness. You’ll take a series of assessments to discover more about yourself and how you deal with stress. In the resilience assessment, you’ll find out how you view change, how much control you feel you have over events, and how you engage in life.

Practice self-awareness and controlling emotions:

Emotional intelligence is about being aware of your emotions and increasing your ability to control and express them. In this module, you’ll watch several videos about emotional intelligence (Ei) and receive an overview of your EQi 2.0 report. You’ll get a card deck with the 16 dimensions of Ei to help you practice emotional intelligence in real life. Then you’ll have a feedback session with me to talk about your report and how to focus your efforts.

Cut down on distractions and inner conflicts:

Daily hassles can drain your energy and keep you from achieving the goals you set back in Module 1. In Module 4, you’ll identify things holding you back, like distractions and internal conflicts. Then you’ll learn how to eliminate them.

Embrace your superpowers:

Call out your strengths and talents, tapping into your true potential. In this module, you’ll use the assessments and goals from previous modules to name and claim your superpower: embracing what sets you apart as a leader.

Unpack your resilience toolkit:

Using the Resilience Toolkit, you’ll gain the ability to activate your resilience. You’ll learn how to focus and steer clear of the downward spiral caused by conflict, resistance, and clashing personalities.

Chart a course for success:

We’ll set you up with a 100-day roadmap: a plan for incremental change that will help you achieve your goals from Module 1. The roadmap is something you can continue to use as you deal with future changes in your workplace.

I used what I learned right away ...

Having the emotional intelligence assessment helped me identify my blind spots. 
I was able to make a few small tweaks to how I interacted and ended up making great progress with my team.

Sabrine B. //  Agile Leadership Coach

Office politics almost got the best of me ...

I was so drained at work, not because of the workload but the pressure from a colleague. I learned to set boundaries and manage expectations. Powerful experience and it helped me get my promotion.

Cecille J.  //  Director, Operations

I got the promotion and so much more ...

I was in transition when I started coaching. I moved because I wanted a promotion. And I just started a new relationship. I was feeling the pressure. Dr. Howard helped me so much. We set up a plan, and not only did I get the promotion, but my new confidence helped me land an opportunity I did not think was possible.

Lydia C. //  Wound Care Coordinator, NIH Researcher