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While some may take on the superhero role, there are also those who overachieve and never internalize their success; they go around feeling like a fraud. This Impostor Syndrome also comes from those early beliefs and keeps one locked into a cycle of self-sabotage. Those caught up in the Impostor Syndrome are usually overachievers who, despite their accomplishments, never feel like they have achieved success. Maya Angelou is in this club, indicating that even after writing eleven books, she feared someone would find her out as a fake.

The Impostor Syndrome was first talked about in 1978 by researchers Clance and Imes. They identified women who were not able to attribute their success to their own gifts or talents; instead, they felt they were successful because they worked harder than anyone, had a lot of luck, or were able to charm their way into the position. They discovered two out of five people actually feel like frauds, and 70% have felt like an impostor at some point in time.

The Imposter is susceptible to procrastination, never finishing projects and experiencing increased anxiety with the worry that someone will see through them. This causes self-sabotage and undermines future success.

Superhero or Impostor, this shadow side of the self is the result of old, outdated beliefs that continue to run scripts, driving behavior and challenging the current reality of achievement.

Do your beliefs, feelings, and thoughts reflect the truth about you today? Or, are you stuck in the past, believing you are not capable?

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