Emotional Intelligence Assessment

Would you like to work better under pressure? Do you want to stand out as a leader?

Emotional intelligence is a set of characteristics found to be the greatest predictor of success. Emotional intelligence is more than "people skills," it is problem solving, decision making, confidence. You develop a powerful set of skills that help you communicate more effectively and show up as a strong and effective leader.


Take the world’s leading emotional intelligence assessment.

The EQi 2.0 is a powerful assessment and gives you great insight into your leadership style, strengths and areas that could potentially de-rail you.

Armed with this information, you are prepared to make adjustments and deepen your ability to influence, persuade and get the results you want consistently.

You will increase your self awareness and your situational awareness. Schedule this assessment and feedback session.

Be Happy.
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Sabine Brandt

Agile Expert & Consultant

The emotional intelligence assessment was a tremendous eye opener. I was able to use what I learned the very day I met with Dr. Howard. It helped me realize my strengths as a leader and those areas that de-rail me if I am not careful.

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What Is In The Report?

The assessment is broken into 16 dimensions that reflect various aspects of  emotional intelligence.

Your score reflects how often you engage in each of these dimensions and your comfort level in using them.

To help you understand the wealth of information contained int his report, we include online resources, a workbook and 1:1 coaching to help you digest this information and apply it. This assessment increases your self-awareness and increases your ability to adapt and show up – in the moment – at your best.

The EQi 2.0 Model has 5 main categories with 3 sub scales in each. There is an overall well-being scale to make up 16 dimensions.

What’s Included in the Ei Impact Package?

1:1 feedback session (90 minutes) with Executive Coach & Performance Expert, Dr. Cynthia Howard (Value $395)

22-page report

76 p. workbook with additional information on applying emotional intelligence (Value $99)

Ei Card Deck of the 16 dimensions to use during your day to internalize the skills (Value $49)

Action plan, including the 100 Day Roadmap

Online portal, available 24/7, with videos and downloads to deepen understanding of this information (Value $595)

Ownership of your leadership strengths, style, and potential for derailment. This increases influence and impact.  (Priceless)

Over $1000 in value!


Everything for only $395.

You save an additional $100.

Power up Your Leadership Now!

The assessment and feedback session with Dr. Howard will increase your self-awareness and allow you to make small tweaks in your approach that will boost your impact. Your confidence will soar and your influence expand.

Saved me from getting fired!

I always knew I had a strong personality and I kept butting heads with people at work. I took this assessment and learned so much about balancing what and how I communicate. [Carrie S., Dir of Operations]

I wanted more impact.

Taking the EQi helped me understand how I was interacting and what to do to make it better. I had not realized the effect I had with my team when I was holding meetings and giving reviews. [Shaw K., Team Leader]


I took the emotional intelligence assessment and was amazed at what I learned. It helped me uncover my blind spots. Right after our session, I went into a potentially explosive meeting, and was prepared.

- Sabine Brandt, Agile Expert

The Eqi was an eye opener. It explained why I do certain things. I learned to balance my assertiveness with my independence. This helped me with my boss. I highly recommend it!

- Jennifer Barkley, Regional Sales

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