Introduction to the Myers Briggs Personality Assessment

The Myers-Briggs (MBTI®) personality assessment is widely used in the workplace to increase understanding, improve communication and build awareness of our unique differences. When these differences are overlooked, this can be the source of conflict and misunderstanding leading to poor performance. Knowing our basic differences in how we are energized, gather information, make decisions and perceive our environment increases effectiveness as a leader and a team member. Check out the 1:55 sec video. There is a written explanation that follows. I have used the MBTI for several decades and have found it widens perspective and deepens situational awareness as leaders increase their self-knowledge. Your Personality Type is conveyed in a 4-letter code. The 16 personality types of the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator are listed here in what is called a "typeread more

3 Simple Tips to Lose Weight (How Agile Lean Techniques Can Help You Lose Weight!)

Weight loss is a challenge for the majority of Americans, more than 70% of the population struggles with weight and diabesity.  There are many reasons for this including a toxic diet, overloaded with all the wrong ingredients designed to incite overwhelming cravings, along with a lifestyle of distraction that makes it easy to pack on ½ pound in the time it takes to open the package. There is a lot of great information out there on the toxic food supply, the need for exercise and other issues that relate to losing weight. In this article, I want to focus on an innovative solution that is practical and will help you get to the bottom of your struggle. For 20 plus years, I have helped individuals and organizations disrupt status more

Are You Type A? 5 Signs You Are.

Type A is short for the driven person who is usually in a rush, often coming across as aggressive and short tempered. Type A's are ambitious, perfectionists, and in the process of getting the job done, do not think about how they come off to others. Results matter and people are secondary.  There can be a trail of hurt feelings and offended people behind every Type A. Type A's have a higher risk of heart disease and high blood pressure. They are better at achieving their goals, at least that is what they will tell you. However, this is not always the case. Being busy, rushing doesn't always translate into the desired outcomes you are seeking. (Just think about the last time you rushed through something.). There is a betterread more

Lead or Manage? 3 Mindset Shifts to Transition to Leader

To lead or manage is an important question. It is not an either or question; to get results, you need to understand the difference and develop skills in both. Starting out, those interested in leadership positions, begin their careers as managers. Management skills focus on making sure daily responsibilities are met, resources are utilized, and people are doing their jobs. As a manager, one organizes activities and people to achieve specified goals. Planning, organizing, resource management, facilitating, decision making are part of the management skills needed to achieve your goals. These are important skills but not enough to get results in today’s demanding world of rapid change and innovation. Distraction is the new normal, communication breaks down with digital intrusion, more teams are virtual, the workforce is multi-generational; and oneread more

4 Tips to Avoid Burnout

Burnout is epidemic. Most people go through their day unaware they are headed for burnout. The constant distractions, typical today, lead to an over stimulated stress reaction. Without a game plan to concentrate your energy and focus, you move from one interruption to the next. Research has discovered that distractions increase irritability and produce a false sense of urgency. This sets off the stress reaction. When distracted you do not recognize changes in your body and your attitude. Our nervous system is hard-wired for survival and the brain unhooks from higher level thinking functions when the stress reaction is triggered. This means your perspective shrinks. Chronic stress causes health challenges like high blood pressure, immune problems and contributes to mood and anxiety issues. Did you know 80% of the reasons peopleread more

How to Be Right Just About Every Time

Assumptions and bias are part of human nature. We are hard-wired to reject what doesn’t fit into our mental models, unless; we develop self-awareness and the ability to reflect. During my 20 year practice as an Executive Coach, I have met with scores of leaders and professionals who were stuck, compromising decisions and outcomes. I developed a model for resilient thinking to help leaders learn to question and clarify to stay open to potential. There are different types of bias that skews perspective and limits a leader’s ability to achieve. In this article I will present common blind spots leaders that short circuit their effectiveness. Get real and name your riskiest blind spot. I am not here to make friends. This statement mischaracterizes the relationships leaders need with their more

3 Simple Steps To Getting More Done

Keeping it simple is difficult. Look around - is there clutter? Books or papers piled up? Do you have to search for your keys? Look at your shampoos - how many do you have? What about make-up, black pants, white shirts? Do you have a junk drawer, a junk room? Maybe your garage? Having stuff is great, the problem is this clutter gets in the way of showing up, at your best, every day. If you would like to increase your focus and get more done - simplify! Here are 3 tips. # 1. Organize. Have containers, file cabinets, folders on your computer, where you can put your stuff. # 2. Handle your papers, files, stuff - once. If you pick it up, use it, then put it in aread more

50 Quotes to Change Your Mindset!

Change is constant and fast. We have to learn how to think about change. Too often, change is resisted because of the uncertainty, fear of what it means, and the amount of energy required to make the change. Finding the strength to make that change is the big challenge. At times like that, I find reading inspiring quotes can help me lift myself up and set me on the path to managing positive change in my life. Here are a few of my favorites! “Every great dream begins with a dreamer. Always remember, you have within you the strength, the patience, and the passion to reach for the stars to change the world.” Harriet Tubman  “Progress is impossible without change, and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything.”read more

Quiz: Are You Trapped in the Impostor Syndrome?

Read through the explanation and then take our quiz and see if you fall into this trap!  Submit your answers and you will be directed to a short course on confidence to break through the Impostor Syndrome. While some may take on the superhero role, there are also those who overachieve and never internalize their success; they go around feeling like a fraud. This Impostor Syndrome also comes from those early beliefs and keeps one locked into a cycle of self-sabotage. Those caught up in the Impostor Syndrome are usually overachievers who, despite their accomplishments, never feel like they have achieved success. Maya Angelou is in this club, indicating that even after writing eleven books, she feared someone would find her out as a fake. The Impostor Syndrome was firstread more

8 Second Attention Span: Make Your Communication Visual

 You arrive at work only to find the department was not prepped for the upcoming surge in new business. When you ask your manager what happened, you hear something about the night shift not following through on the plan.  As they are talking you can feel yourself getting angry, tuning out the list of excuses that keep coming… Sound familiar?  Lack of follow through, not having anything “stick,” and other examples of complacency and conflict can bring down any management approach. Clear, concise, effective communication is the antidote for so many of the problems in the workplace today. There is too much information flying around and not enough people are paying attention. How can you simplify your message? Simplification is part of the system I use that helps you actuallyread more