Is Your Coworker Passive Aggressive? (and how to respond)

It’s highly unlikely that everyone likes all of their co-workers, right? There’s always going to be someone who seems to clash with others, no matter what. Unfortunately, in the workplace, we don’t have the luxury of parting ways and moving on without them. We’re stuck with them. And if they are passive aggressive, it’s even more difficult to try to find ways to make the work relationship work. Here are some signs that you’re working with someone who is passive aggressive: They are the Post-it Queen (or King) While we’ve all sent out a flippant email or two, or left annoyed sticky-notes for others when we’ve been wronged, a passive aggressive co-worker will do this to the extreme, as a way of communicating anger, but avoiding face-to-face confrontations. How toread more

5 Tips to Stop Playing SuperHero at Work

Everyone is busy. Multi-tasking is the new normal and distracted is the typical state of mind.  You probably have a ‘to do’ list with more items on it than you can achieve in the course of a day. Listen in on conversations; you will hear people complain about how much they have to do both at home and at work.Are you tensing up even before you get to work? Do you dread walking through the door? You might be suffering from super hero syndrome and overwhelm. If you have been taking on more work or feeling like you carry the responsibility of the whole department, it is time to find a new perspective. Besides you are setting yourself up for chronic stress; the consequences include multiple physical and emotional symptoms likeread more

5 Ways to Handle Passive Aggressive Colleagues

 We have all, at one time or another, encountered passive-aggressive people at work.  And it is possible you may be a little passive-aggressive at times, as well. This can happen when having direct conversations are not acceptable in the culture. If being polite is an unspoken requirement, people are likely to resort to passive aggressive forms of communication. If you regularly encounter rude comments, blame-shifting, sarcasm, procrastination and the occasional silent treatment, it can wear down you down, making it difficult to work as a team, and it creates a toxic environment. So how can you move forward in such a work environment and come out on top? Here are 5 secrets to handling passive-aggressive colleagues: Don’t retaliate with similar passive-aggressive behavior. This throws fuel on the fire. It’s canread more

4 Tips to Avoid Burnout

Burnout is epidemic. Most people go through their day unaware they are headed for burnout. The constant distractions, typical today, lead to an over stimulated stress reaction. Without a game plan to concentrate your energy and focus, you move from one interruption to the next. Research has discovered that distractions increase irritability and produce a false sense of urgency. This sets off the stress reaction. When distracted you do not recognize changes in your body and your attitude. Our nervous system is hard-wired for survival and the brain unhooks from higher level thinking functions when the stress reaction is triggered. This means your perspective shrinks. Chronic stress causes health challenges like high blood pressure, immune problems and contributes to mood and anxiety issues. Did you know 80% of the reasons peopleread more

Stop Settling for Mediocre Goals (Why aiming high takes less energy)

Are you settling? You want to know some of the worst advice I have ever heard in my life?  “Don't aim too high, you'll never be disappointed.” It’s difficult for me to accept that some people actually believe and live by this credo. They set average, easily achievable goals because they know that they will always be able to meet them. Unfortunately, in today’s world, average goals will never get you ahead. Nor will they inspire you. And inspiration is what  ENERGIZES you to focus and achieve your goal. Average goals will always lead to mediocre results. effort is going to follow your goal. Average goal - average effort. Although some people and business get by with mediocre results, they will never be truly successful. In order to reach theread more

50 Quotes to Change Your Mindset!

Change is constant and fast. We have to learn how to think about change. Too often, change is resisted because of the uncertainty, fear of what it means, and the amount of energy required to make the change. Finding the strength to make that change is the big challenge. At times like that, I find reading inspiring quotes can help me lift myself up and set me on the path to managing positive change in my life. Here are a few of my favorites! “Every great dream begins with a dreamer. Always remember, you have within you the strength, the patience, and the passion to reach for the stars to change the world.” Harriet Tubman  “Progress is impossible without change, and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything.”read more

8 Second Attention Span: Make Your Communication Visual

 You arrive at work only to find the department was not prepped for the upcoming surge in new business. When you ask your manager what happened, you hear something about the night shift not following through on the plan.  As they are talking you can feel yourself getting angry, tuning out the list of excuses that keep coming… Sound familiar?  Lack of follow through, not having anything “stick,” and other examples of complacency and conflict can bring down any management approach. Clear, concise, effective communication is the antidote for so many of the problems in the workplace today. There is too much information flying around and not enough people are paying attention. How can you simplify your message? Simplification is part of the system I use that helps you actuallyread more