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3 Simple Steps To Getting More Done

Keeping it simple is difficult. Look around – is there clutter? Books or papers piled up? Do you have to search for your keys? Look at your shampoos – how many do you have? What about make-up, black pants, white shirts? Do you have a junk drawer, a junk room? Maybe your garage? Having stuff is […]

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No.1 Tip to Be More Productive (It is not what you think)

The top 3 challenges today are, do more with less, do it cheaper and do it faster. We are living in the information age – everything is accelerated. What used to take a month to learn or put into operation, now needs to be done in a week or sooner. Everything has sped up; this […]

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8 Second Attention Span: Make Your Communication Visual

You arrive at work only to find the department was not prepped for the upcoming surge in new business. When you ask your manager what happened, you hear something about the night shift not following through on the plan.  As they are talking you can feel yourself getting angry, tuning out the list of excuses […]

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