Assessment is the foundation of our 3 step approach. (ACT: Assessment. Coaching. Team development & Training.) Whether it is a Readiness Assessment, SWOT or a leadership assessment, knowing where you are is a great first step. Objective insight into your strengths, blind spots, bias, is invaluable in your work, relationships, and life. We use proven assessments for meaningful learning about yourself, and your department.

We unlock potential, in the individual and your organization. Give your department the foundation to perform at its best. These are a few of the most commonly used assessments. We do have others and choose those that will best serve your needs.

Emotional Intelligence: EQi 2.0
EQi 2.0 | Details

This is the most widely used assessment for emotional intelligence. It measures 16 dimensions, helping you understand important components of emotional effectiveness. How do you respond when under pressure? From making decisions to your self confidence, how does pressure impact your ability to perform?

Clients taking this assessment have come away with greater self knowledge, increasing confidence and awareness of their strengths and areas that need support. Dr. Howard has developed leadership archetypes based on these results and helps you deepen your skills and influence by working from your strengths.

Sample Report

Leadership Strengths & Challenges (CPI 260)
CPI 260 | Details
This leadership report focuses on 18 leadership characteristics organized in 5 core performance areas:

1. Self management

2. Organizational capabilities

3. Team building and team work

4. Problem solving

5. Sustaining the vision

In addition to where you fall on the leadership characteristics, you are given, at-a-glance guidance for prioritizing your developmental efforts.

Sample report

Conflict Competence
TKI Conflict Instrument | Details
Conflict is good! But most people AVOID conflict as their default style of dealing with it. This makes matters worse. The TKI is a great instrument to use in a team setting as well as for leaders who want to broaden their skills in conflict management.

Sample Report.

This will show you the 5 conflict styles and provide explanation. This instruments is ideally used in a workshop where team members identify their style and hove the opportunity to learn how to incorporate all 5 styles, deepening their conflict competence.

Your ability to leverage conflict will help your teams be more innovative and productive.

Communication, team development (MBTI)
MBTI | Details | Application
The Myers Briggs is the oldest and most commonly used instrument. It is reliable and validated. We use it because of its wide application and the tremendous information one gets from the instrument. Knowing your basic temperament and how you are energized, gather information, make decisions, like to plan is essential to getting along in a team. This assessment can be used with:

  • Managers
  • Team building
  • Supervisors
  • Understanding stress reactions
  • Communication styles
  • Strengths and blind spots

Sample Reports:

Basic Report

Conflict Style

Stress Management

Personal Impact (This also comes with an online introduction to the myers briggs with video.)

16 Types

Pearman: Flexibility & Resilience
Pearman | Details
The Pearman uses the personality temperament as a foundation and explores flexibility and resilience. This report shows what is required of you along with your preferred natural style of interaction.

It is very helpful in understanding how you can develop proactive skills, flexibility, thinking patterns and more as you build your resilience.

Sample Report