Einstein has said you cannot find a solution with the same mind that created the problem. Working in a stress mode produces results that will get you by, not get you ahead. And getting by only frustrates you, and your team. This is status quo.

A value driven marketplace, means as leaders, you have to adapt, be flexible and responsive to what your customers and employees define as value.  Consumers want the very best and will shop around until they get it. Employees want to be a part of something meaningful, and will shut down at work if they do not feel a part of the solution. [Did you know that compensation only keeps employees from being dissatisfied, it does not engage them.]

Leaders are sandwiched in between the demands for exceptional quality service and the need to partner with their staff to achieve the desired results. These skills can be taught, but are not usually part of most training programs. They are emotional effectiveness, resilience and change management.

Press Ganey, a leader in healthcare performance improvement, notes there is a strong statistical significance in the correlation between employee partnership and patient satisfaction.  Partnership is built on the quality of staff’s engagement, resilience and satisfaction with the institution.

Leaders will serve themselves and their teams by developing the following 3 skills.

3 Steps to Effective Leadership

1. Emotional Effectiveness

This is your ability to leverage your emotions so you can handle the challenges that show up. Flexibility, decisiveness, despite the pressure, problem solving, ability to listen and empathize are all skills that get lost in the stress reaction, typical in the workplace today.  This is possible with the next step.

2. Resilience

This is your ability to bounce forward, adapt, be flexible and keep an optimistic attitude, as you solve problem and plow through challenges. This is a mindset around focusing on the solution and not getting derailed by problems. This is possible with the next step.

3. Change Management

Change is the biggest challenge leaders face today. It requires the skills in Steps 1 and 2 along with the ability to be  strategic  in their problem solving. Managing change is a process and should be undertaken in a systematic framework. Unfortunately, these skills are assumed and left to ‘on the job training,’ frustrating leaders and burning out employees.


This situation is exactly why, I developed the Resilient Leader Change Management system. It is a process based on proven tools that will consistently produce results you want - when you follow the steps.

Stop the spinning and struggling! Click the link below and schedule your complimentary consultation. We will walk through your particular  situation. I will take you through the Change Management system and help you understand how to master the skills in change management and be a more effective leader.

 I want to master CHANGE

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Develop your skills in change management!



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