Team Development

Develop High Performing Teams

High performing teams are not an accident. They require a strategy to build the trust to work through conflict, breakthrough status quo thinking and move to an innovative approach to solving everyday problems. We understand the challenges in the workplace and what teams face. To quickly engage the team, and breakthrough, we use a foundation of lean sigma with agile to form the foundation of our Innovation Lab. We begin with an assessment to define the problem and understand your goals before developing a customized solution.  The following 2 approaches may be integrated.

Innovation Lab: Team Building Problem Solving Platform

Consistent Results | Team Engagement

Distractions. Initiative overload. Not focused on the right problems. These are a few of the reasons, organizations do not achieve their desired outcomes – consistently.

The Innovation Lab uses agile and lean sigma as the foundation for this systematic problem solving approach. This organically engages individuals because it meets the 4 basic needs people have at work: to get work done, do it right, belong and be recognized.

This process teaches a problem solving approach that can be used over and over.

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6 Step Innovation Flow
This is the 6 step process and the foundational principles. We help you integrate this process into your teams for stunning and consistent results.

Coaching Your Managers to Coach

Coaching is the new leading

Leading has changed in this digital age. Teams are virtual, multi-generations are in the workforce, demands and distractions are the new normal.

Leaders and managers need to engage their teams, motivate and coach. They need to be flexible, make quick decisions and problem solve. These skills can be taught, yet, are not usually included in many of the training programs.

We bridge this gap with a Coaching for Performance program to coach your leaders, teaching them to coach their teams, using the foundational problem solving tools in lean sigma.

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Details on Coaching for Performance
Coaching for Performance (CFP) combines live group coaching with online e-learning platform. Ideally the team commits to 6 months of monthly group coaching, 2 hours each session. We work on current challenges. Estimated ROI is about 7:1; think of the compounding interest as your teams grow and produce more consistently. This will create a ripple effect.

Module 1: Self Awareness.
Identifying strengths, leadership style, triggers for stress.

Module 2: Job Analysis.
Setting the stage with your team for coaching. Defining value contributions.

Module 3: A.C.E. Feedback.
Learn to give (and receive) feedback; learning to coach.

Module 4: Problem Solving
Using the A3 problem statement and lean sigma approach to problem solving.

Module 5: Conflict Competence
Learn to leverage conflict, transform into opportunity.

Module 6: Building High Performing Teams.
Learning to motivate and engage teams to bring out their best performance.