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Team Development

Most organizations rely on teams to get results and accomplish important tasks. Unfortunately, not all groups function as teams.

The potential is there for teams to function at a higher level. This potential must be cultivated; it doesn’t happen without a plan, training and support from leadership. Managers (and most leaders) do not have the skill set necessary to bring out the best in a group and help them function at their highest level.

Ei Leadership’s Innovation Lab and Team Transformation Workshops address the following challenges teams face:

  • Lack of clarity around goals and expectations
  • Communication flow
  • Ability to collaborate
  • Conflict
  • Creativity (breaking through groupthink)
  • Trust
  • Ownership
  • Meeting deadlines and quality demands

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The Innovation Lab and Team Transformation is a powerful, experience-based workshop that helps participants develop the skills needed to solve problems, work together, build trust and accomplish their goals.

Continuous improvement is a learning cycle. We set up systems (or tweak your current system) so that information flow is accurate and timely.

The ‘training’ is experiential with the team solving current challenges and learning a format that can be applied over and over to ensure success. This experiential training is combined with assessments, coaching and access to an online platform available to members 24/7 to reinforce the skills.

We use the Innovation Lab to demonstrate agile lean practices. 

Participants leave the learning experience able to apply what they have learned. Your teams will be stronger, more productive and engaged.

Topics and areas of focus include improving communication, understanding conflict and learning to move through it, unleashing creativity, overcoming resistance, dealing with expectations and demands, learning a problem-solving approach that will consistently produce positive results.

We customize the training and experience to suit your specific needs and to accomplish your goals.  

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