Leaders who engage in coaching take a major step forward

in their capabilities, moving ahead in responsibility, achieving better results for themselves, and their organization.

Coaching can especially benefit professionals in the midst of corporate transition, rapid growth, competitive situations, taking on new leadership roles, or, changing careers.

Coaching can address one or more of the following:

Executive Performance

Are there limiting behaviors/ mindsets that interfere with outcomes? We work to shift those toward successful practice that optimize performance in your current role, as well as prepare you for your next one.

Team Engagement

To advance your agenda, it is important to engage your team. Coaching will help executives craft and communicate a compelling vision, build engagement,  ownership and alignment in their teams.

Emotional Effectiveness

Distractions. Demands. Conflict.  Navigating change can increase the stress reaction and derail your best efforts. Develop emotional intelligence and resilience. This includes decision making, communication and more.

Promotion. Branding.

Cultivating personal and professional strengths for a career around your unique skills, passion and contributions. Developing a strong leadership brand helps you define your value. Why leave this to chance?

We were under intense pressure and I needed to be able to get results quickly. Dr. Howard helped me focus on what really mattered. I know that without the coaching, I could not have accomplished what I did.

Mark Harmon

Project Manager, GSA

Work with Dr. Howard

Sessions can be 30, 60, 90 minutes delivered via the phone or zoom. Frequency is determined by the goals and objectives set out by the individual leader.  Duration 3 – 6 mos and dependent on goals and desired outcome. Email and phone support available during the coaching duration.

Masterful. Results Driven.

With over 20 years experience, working with hundreds of executives, Dr. Howard begins with an assessment, selected based on your goals, and delivers your desired outcome. Clients call Cynthia a master coach because of her laser focus.


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We begin with an assessment, based on your goals. Learn more.

Team Coaching

Teaching your leaders to coach their team. Develop high performing teams, details.

I took the emotional intelligence assessment and was amazed at what I learned. It helped me uncover my blind spots. Right after our session, I went into a potentially explosive meeting, and was prepared. Instead of everything breaking down, I was able to lead the group through a difficult conversation. It was powerful. I highly recommend Dr. Howard and this process.

Sabine Brandt, L. Dip

Agile Leadership Expert

I was at a crossroads. I wanted a promotion and did not know how to go about it. Working with Dr. Howard helped me set up my plan. I clarified my strengths and came away with so much confidence. I not only got the promotion, but I was promoted again quickly after that. Knowing my strengths and dealing with pressure made such a difference.

Linda Caruso



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