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100 Day Roadmap: Progress is the BEST motivator

Setbacks, roadblocks and hassles cause people to slow down, get discouraged and give up on their goals. This quickly becomes the "status quo."  Once you lose momentum, it takes a lot of effort to get people moving.

Leaders may not be aware of the hassles and the negative impact this has on the work flow. This creates tension, misunderstanding and conflict. We will turn this around for you using a proven 3 step approach - assessments, coaching and training - that organically engage staff and provide the number one motivator: PROGRESS!

Typical Problems We Solve:

Quality Metrics: Under performing

Satisfaction scores are low in 1 or more domains.

Team is not working together and when under pressure, performance weakens.

Conflict between teams, departments or disciplines. Poor communication.

Core Competency: Right Fit

Loss of experienced staff, turnover, change in census, work flow.

Staff are not clear on what is expected, performance is inconsistent.

Organizational Alignment

Teams, departments, staff not working on the strategic goals. No alignment among staff with  mission critical.

Innovation Management

You need more innovation and are not sure how or who to get the ideas from.

Not seeing the results you want from the changes you have made.

We have a 100 Day High Performance Roadmap that takes your strategy and translates it into improvement.

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