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Can you answer “yes” to the following questions? If so we can help.


Do your initiatives fail due to uncertainty, chaos, complacency?


Do you lack follow through on your change efforts?


Are leaders (and staff) out of sync with your most important goals?


Executive Coaching

Show up as your best (especially when the pressure is on!)

Leaders who engage in executive coaching will take a major step forward in their capabilities, moving ahead in responsibility, achieving better results for themselves and their organization.

Coaching can especially benefit professionals who find themselves in the midst of corporate transition, growth, competitive situations, taking on new leadership roles. Coaching is the single greatest accelerator of change.


Performance Consultation

94% of performance issues are due to HOW it is done vs. WHO does it. We work with your team to streamline value added work, eliminate hassle (waste). In this Innovation Lab, your team owns the problem and the solution and ‘learns’ effective problem solving and communciation strategies.

This platform is grounded in agile lean sigma practice, adapted for service delivery.


Get R.E.A.L. Change System

It is not enough to MANAGE change. You need to lead through it.

We have a leadership effectiveness model that bridges the technical skills of strategic change with emotional effectiveness. It is not enough for leaders to know what to do – you have to do it.

This innovative approach develops resilient, engaged and authentic leaders that will produce consistent results.  


Coaching for Performance

Coaching is one of the best ways to engage staff.  Managers and leaders need to learn HOW to coach their team. They are overwhelmed. Too many strategic priorities, too much email, too many meetings, rising expectations can increase stress making it near impossible to effectively “coach” staff to bring out their best.

A recent study found that, even when coaching is required, (due to negative performance), 69% of managers did not do it.  We have a system!


Resilience Training

Distractions. Demands. Conflict. Change. These are just a few reasons to develop your resilience. The stress reaction derails the best intentions and can make smart people do stupid things. Dr. Howard is pioneer of the resilient mindset and teaches a proven process to shift out of the stress reaction and build resilience.

Resilience is your capacity to perform optimally even when the pressure is on.

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