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Why Resilience?

Healthcare is going through revolutionary changes. This requires more than ‘the ability to do more with less’. It requires resilience. Resilience is the capacity to grow in the face of challenge.

Resilience can be taught. Most people think of resilience only in times of extreme circumstances. Today with the level of information, distraction and demands required of healthcare professionals and organizations, there are specific skills that will make the difference in achieving the important goals of the organization.

Interesting numbers:

  • Healthcare leaders burn out in 18 months. This is the highest number for leaders across all industries.
  • Turnover costs, 1.5-2 x, the salary. This doesn’t include the recruitment efforts, training, loss of momentum, morale and the pressure put on employees who stay.
  • Getting rid of a toxic employee will save you more than 2x what your best employee produces.

Questions to ask:

  1. Are the right employees leaving?
  2. Are you attracting the right people for the right jobs?
  3. Are your metrics where you want them?
  4. How much are you spending to achieve the ‘less than optimal’ results?
  5. What is it costing you to continue to operate under par?

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Why Dr. Cynthia & EI Leadership is Different

We work with the leadership team to improve communication, reduce conflict & improve your important metrics.  We help you focus on your most important work.

Most leaders, executives (or aspiring leaders) do not learn the skills of effective communication and engagement in their clinical or academic training.  Problem solving and handling conflict are not usually taught in many of the formal training programs.

These people skills (emotional intelligence) are what give leaders the edge to engage their people, turn conflict into opportunity, handle the challenges of a multi generational workforce and the flow of demands typical in healthcare. We integrate the lean sigma process.

Problem Solving
Resilient Thinking

We get results.