Is your team performing?

As big change confronts any organization, the need to work differently to create new value comes with it. Are you ready? Is your team ready? Trapped in conflict? We offer engaging programs to bring teams together for consistent performance.

Conflict is an opportunity that is missed because of the high drama and tension. Your teams balance of talent and performance is skewed with raw conflict. We teach the skills you need to transform conflict into opportunity.

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Lead Differently

Are you engaging your followers? Are they motivated, on track, performing at the level you need? Increased demands with a multi generational workforce require an upgrade to leadership skills.  We deliver engaging and transformative options.

Successful leadership begins within and depends on confidence and people skills. Unchecked stress derails the best communication and focus. We are pros at professional development.

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Why Dr. Cynthia & Ei Leadership is Different

Developing leaders and teams ability to communicate for better relationships and better results.

Most leaders, executives (or aspiring leaders) do not learn the skills of effective communication and engagement in their clinical or academic training.  Problem solving and handling conflict are not usually taught in many of the formal training programs.

These people skills (emotional intelligence) are what give leaders the edge to engage their people, turn conflict into opportunity, handle the challenges of a multi generational workforce and the flow of demands typical in healthcare. We integrate the lean sigma process.

Problem Solving
Resilient Thinking

Work. Lead. Differently.