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Complacency? Conflict? Mediocre performance? Our innovative approach  disrupts the status quo and builds a system you can use over and over. Let's talk about your specifics. Click the red button.

High Reliability Leadership.

Are you drowning in initiatives and struggling to get the results you want? Are your strategic objectives aligned with the front line? Feel like you cannot move forward?  We are glad you found us!

We use a proven 3 step approach to define the issues and construct a system to disrupt status quo, to move you through the needed change. There are many reasons change initiatives fail. Perhaps the biggest reason is the lack of preparation  to ensure success. We assess, coach and train your leadership team to be change ready and capable.

We build a system you can use, over and over, to produce consistent results.

Our 3 Part System: 100 DAY Roadmap 

Performance Platform

High reliability leadership focuses on communication, decision making and change management. We help you create a platform for the expected, making the unexpected more manageable.

Workflow Design

Best practice in workflow is the most overlooked aspect of reliability. Using agile lean sigma for service delivery we help you bring out the best in people through effective processes.

Resilient Mindset

Resilient leaders anticipate that things will go wrong. They rely on their system to solve problems and stay focused on the goal. We help your leadership team develop this mindset.

Learning Center

Articles. Video. Assessments. Tips.

We provide information you will not find anywhere else. Agile leadership requires a shift in mindset and behavior. Learn the skills you need to get the results you want.

Consistent performance. Metrics that matter.

We use an innovative approach  and customize your solution.  We are uniquely qualified to provide the power boost you need for consistent performance in your leaders and teams.

Sampling of our clients...

John Doe UI/UX Designer

I probably don't have to tell you how well-received you were yesterday. But I'm going to anyway. We've had lots of guest speakers at Galen but in the two years I've been there I've never seen such positive energy from the faculty. Even the person with the most negative attitude was participatory. You touched on something that obviously impacts all of us and gave us hope that we can do something about the tremendous stress and distraction we experience on a daily basis. Thank you!

Robin Harper RN MSN (DNP in process)

Faculty, Leadership Expert

John Doe UI/UX Designer

Prior to working with Dr. Howard, I was struggling with a difficult employee. I learned how to handle conflict and not get caught up in it. I am getting more done and still have energy left over for myself. Combining resilience with emotional intelligence made the difference for me. My other leadership programs did not address this.

Colette Foisey-Doll RN BScN MSN CHSE

Director of Simulation Dept

John Doe UI/UX Designer

Working with Dr. Howard was life changing. I was able to identify my strengths as a leader. I completed my wound care certification, was hired into a management position (one of my dreams) and, ultimately went on to NIH as a researcher. These skills have helped me build a career that is fulfilling.  Invest in you. It is worth it!

Lydia Corum RN MSN CWCN

Researcher at NIH (National Institute of Health)