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Coaching for Performance

Wasting time at work is an epidemic. 4% spends HALF their day on personal issues. 60% of people spend up to an hour talking on the phone, texting, or gossiping. This does not count the many other distractions that take people away from "the most important work."

Some estimate as much as 50% of time spent on the job is spent on non value added activity. Hassles, habits, distractions and lack of clarity keep people from working on mission critical activities.

Employees are not the only ones wasting time. Managers spend 35% or more of their time in meetings, half of which are non productive. Executives spend 50% of their time in meetings, 67% of which, they say are not productive. Then there is time spent putting out other people's fires, solving someone else's problems and or working through conflicts.

HELP! I am at work and I can't get anything done!

We have the SOLUTION!

Coaching for Performance

  • Learn to give feedback that keeps people focused. Clarify expectations and organically motivate your people.
  • Set up a Coaching program for your followers and build high performing teams
  • Learn to use problem solving tools that get results and create ownership
  • Identify your strengths for greater confidence, authentic leadership and better influence                                                         and so much more!

The Coaching for Performance system can be purchased individually by savvy managers who want to get more done and have TIME left over for a prosperous career. [Contact Dr. Howard if you would to hold this in your institution]

Coaching for performance is a combination of live, online and self paced activities that help you master the skills of a successful manager.  This is a 6-12 month program.

  • Start with Assessment and 1:1 feedback session with master Executive Coach, Dr. Cynthia Howard.
  • Access videos via private membership via an app or your computer.
  • Use the beautiful templates provided for your Coaching sessions with your clients. These guide you through a coaching process with your followers. You will look and feel like a pro right out of the gate.
  • Join the private facebook group for community; get your questions answered.    
  • Access live monthly webinars with Dr. Howard. Dive deeper into the material, review case studies, and get your specific questions answered.                                           

What's included:

  • MBTI Leadership & Communication style report, TKI Conflict Style assessment. 1:1 feedback session with master Executive Coach, Dr. Cynthia Howard.
  • 107 page Workbook mailed to you with Color forms, 2 part coaching template, Daily Progress Checklist. You can also download these via the website.
  • Monthly live webinars with Dr. Howard. These are recorded and can be accessed in the library. You have unlimited access to the library.
  • Access to your very own Executive Coach for a fraction of what people pay.