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Leadership Development

Organizations need leaders who can adapt, flex and lead through change. Agile leaders are developed and nurtured.  To maximize their effectiveness, we equip leaders with skills, knowledge and tools.

Ei Leader's coaching and training solutions provide innovative and engaging experiences that help leaders fulfill their leadership expectations; ready to take on the tough challenges. Check out the following programs. We  will customize the experience to suit your needs. We begin with an assessment and a conversation to identify the problem, your desired goal and then prepare a blended solution to accommodate your needs. Our approach uses a combination of assessment, coaching and team development (ACT) to deliver results.  

Resilient Leader Program

This blended program combines assessments, 1:1 coaching, online training and group coaching to strengthen emotional intelligence, flexibility and leadership agility.

Coaching for Performance

Coaching is a powerful strategy to engage and empower teams. Most managers do not know how to coach. This program coaches your leaders to coach.

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Transform Conflict

Conflict is part of work. When it is ignored it stalls progress and weakens teams. Most people avoid conflict. We provide an engaging training on how to leverage conflict.

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Coaching Difficult People

Every leader has difficult people who get under their skin. This engaging training explores the power of culture, how the difficult behavior started and what to do about it.

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Innovation Lab

This team building experience uses brainstorming, problem solving, planning, prioritization to identify the right problems & solutions. Teams solve a big problem & learn tools to use again.

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Let's talk about what you need and how we can bring engaging and innovative approach to your leadership team.

Training increases productivity 22%. Add in coaching and it goes up to 88%. We blend our training with coaching to boost outcomes.

~ Dr. Cynthia Howard

I have had the honor and pleasure of being coached by Dr. Howard and have loved every single minute. Cynthia is innovative, insightful and her laser focus helped me quickly breakthrough my status quo. She delivered so much more than I expected. I am confident. I have my promotion and a position that really suits me.

Robin K, DNP

VP Pt Care Services