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Agile Leadership

Do you relate? 

You go through major restructuring, but you need your teams to collaborate and move ahead despite the changes.

You are asked to shorten your product development cycle by 50 percent. And increase features.

You lose key executives in the organization.

Your company headquarters is moving, and staff turnover is a major risk.

You have a new competitor that is disrupting your edge.

You have problems in your supply chain …

Being agile throughout the organization, versus just at the top level, is how companies are able to shift from operating in a crisis mode to being able to adapt under pressure. The skills needed to run day to day operations are DIFFERENT from the skills needed to adapt to change, be flexible and innovate. We assess, coach and develop your teams to be more effective in this new normal of uncertainty. 

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Our retreats and Innovation Lab address the following:

executive performance

Executive Agility

 Executives can get stuck in their mindset and need to shift strategy and day to day practice. Being agile means being creative under pressure, ready to take on challenges. This is a different set of skills that running day to day operations. 

team engagement

Agile Transformation | Team Engagement

Teams are responsible for implementing change. Skills in collaboration, conflict management build high performing teams. We assess, train and coach while developing the best work and communication flow for consistent success. 

decision making

Emotional Agility

Resilience is a set of skills that help leaders move out of the primitive and limiting stress reaction. We combine assessments and coaching to develop leaders resilience and emotional intelligence.


Agile Readiness.

Being agile is different than doing agile. Confidence, competence and capacity are the three C's of successful agile transformation. We support your leadership team's readiness.

Being agile means leadership responds effectively to the unexpected and unplanned... this requires a new way to think about leading. 

~ Dr. Cynthia Howard

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I have had the honor and pleasure of being coached by Dr. Howard and have loved every single minute. Cynthia is innovative, insightful and her laser focus helped me quickly breakthrough my status quo. She delivered so much more than I expected. I am confident. I have my promotion and a position that really suits me.

Robin K, DNP

VP Pt Care Services