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The Resilient Leader Mindset Makeover:
Energize Your Leadership

Develop leadership agility ... 

Let's talk about this big, fat elephant in the room. Elephants are issues that get bigger and heavier the longer they are ignored. These elephants – the ones you face at work - are costing you time, money, and future potential! And sometimes, you don’t even realize they are there. This includes the status quo, group-think, self-doubt, conflict, overload to name a few. 

The Resilient Leader Mindset Makeover can help. 

This program will take you beyond “leadership clichés” to the root of effective leadership. (Hint: it is all about you and keeping your battery charged.) Read the book and learn how to:

  • Power up your everyday, sometimes faulty thinking.
  • Develop your emotional intelligence for stronger interactions which helps you build trust with your team.
  • Manage your energy and avoid the negative consequences of the stress reaction.

You will learn three mindset shifts opening you up to a bolder and more powerful way to show up.

Leading in the digital age requires a different set of skills ...

Book Overview

The Resilient Leader Mindset Makeover has practical advice to help today’s leaders who want to be flexible and adapt to the accelerating demands typical in the workday.

The basis for this book, a much-needed mindset makeover, is based on years of Dr. Howard's work with leaders and recognizing the perspective that provides consistent results.

Mindset contributes over 50% to performance.  This is far more than ability, expertise and even a reward system – yet most leaders spend less than 5% of their training on state of mind.
When leaders learn to be agile in how they feel, think and act, they are better able to meet the demands of their role and enjoy the process!  

Dr. Howard has worked with thousands of leaders and identified a pattern among leaders who successfully navigated stress and pressure. She developed the 5 Level Resilience Pyramid. An assessment and scoring guide are included in the book. The results of her work are undeniable: when leaders manage their energy and can shift their mindset, their performance and value to the organization increases. They enjoy more of their day.

If you are  up against the wall, spinning your wheels, tired of coming in early and leaving late or just want to improve your leadership agility the actionable steps contained in this book are exactly what you need.

The Resilient Leader Mindset Makeover will breakthrough everyday faulty thinking and unleash your potential, taking you further than you thought was possible.

Exclusive Offers for BULK purchases

We’re excited to share our new book with you and know this information will transform your leadership. It is true that those leaders (and organizations) who act and aspire to higher levels of performance will consistently reach their goals.

The Resilient Leader Mindset Makeover is a guidebook that provides strategies to become a more agile leader. Get The Resilient Leader Mindset Makeover  —for you and everyone on your team—and receive exclusive bonuses with your order!

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Receive 2 copies of the 100 Day Road map along with video training demonstrating how to use it. This is sent to you with your book.

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1. Access to an online course taking you through the 5 levels of the Resilience Pyramid. 5 modules including resources to transform the stress reaction.
2. Access to private FB group. Get your questions answered.

21-40  books

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1. Virtual Coaching call with your team and Dr. Cynthia Howard to discuss your challenges. (60-90 minutes)
2. Downloadable study guide to take you through the book.
3. Access to private FB group. Get your questions answered.

41-99  books

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1. Virtual Coaching calls (2) with your team and Dr. Cynthia Howard to discuss your challenges. (60-90 minutes x 2)
2. Downloadable study guide to take you through the book.
3. Access to private FB group. Get your questions answered.

100+  books

1.  Full day of training on increasing agility in your department.

Travel expenses paid by the organization.

Meet the Author: Your Executive Coach

Cynthia Howard RN, CNC, PhD

Executive Coach | Performance Expert |

Improving Performance and Well-Being

Dr. Cynthia Howard helps leaders, professionals and organizations get more done by doing less. She confronts the tough issues using proven tools to transform workplace chaos and complexity into progress and consistent results.

Green Belt Lean Sigma, CSM, Certified Scrum Master, Fellow in AIS, Licensed Trainer Heartmath, NSA member, Forbes Expert Council

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