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Retreats are strategic. It is part of the nature of a retreat, to step back and look again at what you have been thinking about, seeing it through a different set of eyes.

Most people recognize the significance of a retreat. Unfortunately, retreats are not planned with a desired outcome and deliverable in mind, missing out on the power behind retreats.

Doesn't planning kill the spontaneity retreats offer?

No. Planning your retreat, including the outcomes, will enhance your ability to bring out hidden potential in your participants.

We listen, get to know your team, explore your challenges and set up an engaging experience that will bring out the genius in your participants. 

Retreats will help you with one or more of the following:

executive performance

Executive Team work

Too often the C suite is the last place to look for teamwork. With most executives caught up in their silo, too often they do not understand what their team members actually do. We will bring executives together to communicate with each other and build a more compelling strategy. 

team engagement

Agile Transformation | Team Engagement

Planning a big change? Want to handle a recent merger? Holding a retreat is an excellent way to bridge the gap that can result from such disruptive changes. We will help you set up your change map so your team can navigate the complexity and move ahead.

decision making

Increase and leverage leadership team impact

It is true that stepping outside of the typical work setting can also breakdown group think, making retreats a power tool to move ahead. Let us help you plan a retreat that serves your team and produces the desired outcome.


Problem Solving. Set goals.

Bringing a team together can be powerful way to start the new quarter, set up the project charter or solve a recurring problem. We will help you set up the goals and direction so your project can be successful.

You cannot outperform your capacity. We build capacity in leaders, teams and organizations.

~ Dr. Cynthia Howard

Why Dr. Howard May Be the Best Coach for You

  • She has worked with hundreds of leaders and executives and understands the challenges you face.
  • She is a “Coach’s Coach,” meaning she works with other coaches, including PhD’s, MD's, Agile Coaches to be their best. This expert experience is now yours.
  • She has been a manager and Director in large organizations.
  • She has managed virtual teams in her own business.
  • She has personally gone through major transitions, rebranded and grown.
  • Author of books and online programs on leadership, mindset and performance.
  • Pioneer of the Resilient Mindset. Developed the Resilience Pyramid. Certified Scrum Master. Green Belt Lean Sigma.
  • Dr. Howard understands top performance and can help you get there.

I have had the honor and pleasure of being coached by Dr. Howard and have loved every single minute. Cynthia is innovative, insightful and her laser focus helped me quickly breakthrough my status quo. She delivered so much more than I expected. I am confident. I have my promotion and a position that really suits me.

Robin K, DNP

VP Pt Care Services