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How do people get to be resilient?

Resilience is a set of skills you can learn. In fact, the more aware you are of your internal drivers of resilience – the stronger you will be.

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Resilience is comprised of many factors like energy, optimism, awareness, grit, heart and agility. These are a blend of personal characteristics, experience and learned behaviors.

These components of resilience influence the attitude that dictates how you interpret the world and make sense of your experiences. And in turn this determines how you react and respond to stressful and unexpected situations.

We believe Resilient Leaders are the most agile, prepared and responsive leaders; we work with leaders to activate these important characteristics of resilience.

At Ei Leadership we use a proven formula to develop high performance teams and leaders. That formula includes assessments.  Self-awareness is the most cited characteristics of successful leaders. And taking assessments to learn about your strengths is a critical step to develop the self-awareness and unlock your potential.

One of our favorite assessments is the Resilience Gauge.

This assessment measures 3 important dimensions


is seeing change and novelty as exciting and as an opportunity for you to learn and grow.


is having a sense of self-efficacy and the belief that you can influence outcomes in your life.


is being engaged and seeing most parts of your life as interesting and meaningful.

Each of these components facilitates a flexible, confident, and passionate approach to work and life, ensuring a resilient response to a range of stressful conditions.

Access this assessment today – right now.

You will receive a 9 page report and have access to an online course to help you get the most out of your results.

You will be guided through 4 modules taking a deep dive into the critical dimension of the assessment. We offer suggestions and tips on how to optimize your results.

Downloadable workbook and Tip Sheet for each dimension.

Access to a private FB group, only available to the VIP members of the WSC.

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Typically $295  Today $99

Once you purchase, you will be directed to the course. You will receive an email with your link to take the online assessment. Your results will arrive via email shortly after you take the assessment. It can take up to 24 hours. Most people receive it much sooner.