Coaching for Performance

Coaching is the New Leading

Managers need to quickly engage their teams and build a high performance culture in today’s world of rapid change. Coaching is a strengths based approach to meet and exceed your goals by stimulating creative thinking and organic engagement. When you coach your team, as their manager,  you are the vehicle to unleash potential and empower the staff that you manage. This deepens the relationship you have with them and creates an authentic connection.

Leaders who coach

have better engagement and more consistent results than the traditional leader who struggles to persuade their team to do what they want them to do.

Coaching is a relationship, built on trust, that promotes curiosity and open questions that will unlock potential.

To coach you need to:

  • Actively listen
  • Understand how to give and receive feedback
  • Use a strengths based approach with your team
  • Have a problem solving approach that can be used consistently
  • Let your team solve their own problems

70% of managers (leaders) do not know how to coach. Most employees want feedback on how they are doing and the opportunity to improve their performance.

This disconnect leads to turnover, and poor performance due to misunderstandings.

What is Included in the Program

  • Workbook, 100 pages
  • 100 Day Roadmap to track progress and map your program
  • Coaching templates
  • Online access to resources, video, audio, that supports the live group coaching ( 6 mo access)
  • 6 (2 hr) live group coaching sessions with expert coach, Dr. Howard
  • Leadership assessment, 1:1 feedback session

Details on Coaching for Performance
Coaching for Performance (CFP) combines live group coaching with online e-learning platform. We work on your current challenges. Estimated ROI for coaching is about 7:1; think of the compounding interest as you develop your leadership skills.

Module 1: Self Awareness. Identifying strengths, leadership style, triggers for stress.

Module 2: Job Analysis. Setting the stage with your team for coaching. Defining value contributions.

Module 3: A.C.E. Feedback. Learn to give (and receive) feedback; learning to coach.

Module 4: Problem Solving Using the A3 problem statement and lean sigma approach to problem solving.

Module 5: Conflict Competence Learn to leverage conflict, transform into opportunity.

Module 6: Building High Performing Teams. Learning to motivate and engage teams to bring out their best performance.

Dr. Cynthia Howard
Performance Expert, Executive Coach

Payment in full. Save $295!


$295 Initial payment.
$197, monthly x 5 months.

I went through this program and am so glad I did. Prior I struggled with how to get their attention and their follow through. Now I have a system I put in place and people look forward to it. What a difference this program has made in my ability to manage my team.

Robyn K, MSN

Manager Outpt Surgery