Resilience Training

Case Study:

Runaway stress reaction.

This leader came into the organization  with experience, passion and a sense of purpose. The company brought him in specifically, to advance the department in their market. Despite his strong network, and ability to pull people together, he experienced resistance, and at times, hostility. This caught him off guard and he ended up over reacting. This escalated the conflict and tension that was already present. His confidence and credibility eroded.

Desired Outcome

The ability to stay focused despite the resistance and negativity at work.

Action Plan

This leader engaged in Resilience Training to be more effective in his role. Stress is the law of diminishing returns; as pressure increases, performance decreases. This executive quickly realized he needed to have a strategy to manage his internal distractions in order to stay focused on his mission critical objectives.

Resilience is a set of skills you can develop to stay focused and flexible. Combined with Ei (Emotional intelligence) you have a buffer against the hijacking that happens with unchecked stress.

The Resilience 1:1 Coaching helps you understand your leadership strengths so you maintain your credibility even when under pressure. You also learn proven strategies to increase focus. This helps you show up as your very best despite the pressure.

Confident. Forward Focus.

(especially when the pressure is on!)